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Business Lawyers

We have a specialised division of business lawyers www.businesslawyersonline.com.au with extra skills and experience which are needed to get better results for our business clients. For example --

Commercial experience

Our business lawyers' understanding of business (often from hands-on business experience) combined with the necessary legal expertise enables us to identify practical or commercial solutions to ‘legal’ problems which many lawyers just don’t see. Such solutions are not only more effective, they are a lot less costly.

Negotiation Expertise

Our business lawyers have specialist negotiation skills and experience, so our clients get a better business outcome, not just a better legal outcome.

Problem Prevention & Resolution

Our business lawyers provide advice which goes beyond the normal role fulfilled by most business lawyers. For example, we help clients implement some simple business practices which will prevent problems. In cases where a dispute can’t be prevented, our understanding of the psychology of conflict resolution is a significant advantage if you want to resolve a problem with minimum commercial damage and without expensive litigation. But you need to contact one of our business lawyers as soon as there is any indication that a dispute may arise.

What all businesses should know

Our business lawyers have written a series of articles (from a practical perspective) on legal issues that have day to day significance for most businesses. They deal with areas where we have particular expertise ranging from contract law to business structures and negotiation.  The topics include --

Articles of value to businesses

  • What all companies should know about making agreements and contract law
  • Asset protection and risk management -- how to prevent problems
  • Effective DIY debt collection
  • Why it is critically important for joint owners to have a Stakeholders’ Agreement.
  • Effective shareholder security -- how to preserve shareholder value
  • The principles and pitfalls of business negotiation.

More information about these topics can be found on our business law website --www.businesslawyersonline.com.au


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