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An example of the type of experience you will benefit from 

Russell Wheeler, BA., LL.B  started his career with one of the leading Sydney law firms over 25 years ago and has specialised in business law for just as long. He has run Lexxon Lawyers Online (previously Wheelers, Business and IT Lawyers) for twelve years, almost entirely as an online legal practice. This has enabled Russell to provide legal advice for clients throughout Australia and overseas (the USA, Asia and Europe). He has a wealth of experience in different areas of business law, including:

  • Business contracts (e.g. licensing and distribution agreements);
  • Sale and purchase of businesses and companies;
  • Stakeholders' agreements – for shareholders, joint venturers and partnerships;
  • Corporate structures to maximise protection and minimise problems;
  • Business start-ups;
  • Commercialisation of technology;
  • IT, software and internet dealings.

Russell's legal expertise is supplemented by the experience gained from his corporate advisory work during the 1980’s, his direct experience in business and his expertise in negotiation. In fact, from 1988 to 1996 he specialised almost exclusively in work involving  

  • helping clients negotiate better deals; 
  • teaching clients how to do it themselves;
  • protecting the value of the deal with a suitable contract; and
  • negotiating the resolution of disputes (using conflict resolution skills).

There is a lot of demand for this type of advice but not many lawyers who can provide it because of the unique combination skills and experience required – business, negotiation and legal.

Sydney lawyer, international experience

Apart from providing legal advice for overseas based companies, and being a director of many of them, Russell has had a lot of experience in international deals, particularly technology. For example, he has spent a lot of time dealing with venture capitalists, investment bankers and technology companies in Silicon Valley in the United States.

The expertise our lawyers must have

When selecting lawyers to join Lexxon, we look for skills and experience which will produce a better outcome for our clients. This means more than narrow legal experience. 

For example, we look for lawyers who are pragmatic and can identify practical solutions which are not only more effective than ‘legalistic’ ones but also less expensive.

In the case of our business lawyers, this usually means they need a good understanding of business. In the case of family lawyers, it means they need to understand the psychology of how to get a result that everyone can live with. In the case of our lawyers who handle things such as conveyancing and wills, they need to be very efficient so that we can deliver good value for money.


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