Lawyers – Employment Opportunities

LEXXON always has room for new solicitors with the right skills and experience.

You can work when it suits you (subject to the need to provide a level of service expected of a professional legal firm), for the number of hours per week you want, and in a location of your choice.

If you have particular expertise or experience in one or more areas of law and you are interested in the freedom and flexibility which working this way provides, please complete the following information.

The areas marked * are optional. The rest is required information.

First Name
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Town/Suburb & Postcode
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Mobile Phone Number*
Availability to start work
Estimated number of hours you would like to work each week
Days of the business week that you cannot work *
Describe briefly the type of legal matters that you like doing the most
Name any particular types of businesses, or industries, that you have done a lot of work for
If your expertise is in an area of law which does not relate to business, please identify the broad category of law and the sub-categories (if relevant) in which you have the most experience, including the number of years you have worked in each sub-category, the average number of hours per week for each sub-category and the last time you did each type of work.
Describe briefly why you want to work part time from a location of your choice, including what that location is (e.g. a home office) and where it is
How many words a minute can you type?
How much do you think is reasonable remuneration per hour for the work you do based on your experience?
Please name the last three law firms you have worked for, and your position in each firm.